Kitchen Extensions Builders

Why consider a kitchen extension?

A kitchen extension is one of the most popular ways to update a home.  Whether you’ve been saving to make a change to your house or you’ve decided to stay put instead of move, kitchen extensions are often the first port of call when making home improvements.

Our clients have lots of reasons for extending their kitchens, but usually the main motive is to provide more space for a family to spend more of their time in the kitchen.  As the heart of the home, who can blame them?  Kitchens are the place to talk whilst preparing and enjoying a meal, or the place to catch up over a cup of tea in the morning.  Kitchen extensions usually add a lot of value to a home too!

How much do kitchen extensions cost?

The answer to this question depends on the size and format of your kitchen extension.  For example, a single storey brick built extension could cost between £1,000 and £2,000+VAT per m2 to be built depending on where you are in the country (prices in London and the home counties tend to be more expensive).  There are usually extra fees for the architects, planning applications and enforcing any building regulations too.

How long do kitchen extensions take to build?

Again, the answer to this question will depend on the size of your extension.  If it’s a small extension that only involves windows, it could be completed in a matter of weeks, whilst a larger kitchen that is more complex and perhaps involves bi-fold doors and skylights, could take around 3 months from planning and designing your extension to being able to use it.

Kitchen extension ideas:

Below are just some of the kitchen extension ideas that we have helped our clients bring to life:

Kitchen extensions with bifold doors/French doors

Kitchen extensions with patio doors or folding doors are really popular for opening a kitchen up.  Whether it’s adding significantly more light into a kitchen or a feeling of bringing the outside that little bit closer, taking up a small amount of garden space can add a huge amount to the inside of a kitchen.

Kitchen extensions with skylights or glass roofs

No matter how big or small a kitchen extension is, adding a skylight or glass roof makes the whole kitchen brighter for longer.  Skylights or glass roofs are also a great way to make a kitchen extension feel even bigger than it is, especially if traditional windows would face towards fencing and so add little extra light.

Kitchen extensions with a utility room

Utility rooms are great if you need more storage in your kitchen.  With an abundance of cooking appliances being added to the food and drink market every year, finding room for everything you need or want in your kitchen can become difficult, especially as a family grows.  Moving a washing machine, tumble drier and/or a dishwasher to a utility room creates a large amount of cupboard space whilst moving the noise involved with washing into an entirely different area or room.

Kitchen extensions for different types of houses

All types of houses can be extended providing there is sufficient room and the required planning permissions in place if relevant.  This includes detached houses, bungalows and even terraced houses.  If you aren’t sure whether it would be possible to extend the kitchen on your house, ask us and we’ll help to find the answer.

Modern kitchen extensions

Both traditional and modern kitchens can be extended.   Here are some examples of modern kitchen extension ideas from Ideal Home which may help with some inspiration – whether you’re extending a modern kitchen or a updating a traditional kitchen: modern kitchen ideas.

Kitchen extension estimates

If you have an idea of how you would like to extend your kitchen, get in touch and we will provide you with an accurate estimate.  We’ve worked on lots of different types of kitchen extensions so will be able to provide you with a good idea of how much the whole project will cost from start to finish.

Advice about kitchen extensions

For advice on how to plan your kitchen extension, see our ‘Planning a new kitchen extension’ page.  Alternatively, to ask us a question, you can contact a kitchen extensions expert by emailing our team based in Loughborough at