Home Renovations & Alterations

Abell’s renovation experts can help you to decide on the work your home needs to transform it into your dream house, from fairly simple redecorating and plastering work to more extensive building alterations.

We have an experienced team of home renovation and alteration contractors on hand to guide you through the whole process, from the design stage to specifying the materials you need, to actually carrying out the home renovation work and finishing it all off with the best quality fixtures and fittings.

Our reputable builders have a strong track record of working on building alterations and home refurbishments throughout Loughborough and the surrounding areas, and a keen eye for detail. We won’t let you down on those crucial finishing touches, such as beading, plug sockets and light switches – the last little details that represent the cherry on top of your home renovations.

Accurate home renovation estimates

No matter how much you plan to spend, it’s natural to want to get the best from your budget, and we always do our best to provide accurate home renovation estimates upfront to give you confidence about the final bill.

We are particularly able to do this thanks to our end-to-end service – when you work with us from design right through to delivery, we can factor in the cost of our renovation experts and home improvement builders and put a single overall figure on your home renovation quote.

 But we will always do our best to give a precise estimate even if you have part of the work done elsewhere, for example if you already have plans drawn up for your home renovation and just need us to carry out the work. We aim to supply the best house builders to carry out any more extensive building alterations, and can offer fantastic value for money while supporting the local Loughborough workforce and skilled trades.

Renovation experts to trust

Our home renovation contractors are well versed in the building regulations and other relevant legislation, so if your property refurbishment involves structural work, changing the use of a space or electrical work, for example, we can make sure the finished product is up to scratch.

This not only protects your safety and comfort; it can also ensure that when you come to sell the property, there are no problems with approvals for the changes you have made or any extra habitable space you have added. The best house builders can add substantial value to a property through refurbishments and extensions, which gives you even more of a return on the investment you make in your home. You get a fantastic living space once the work is completed, and potentially add thousands to the asking price if you decide to sell your home and move on in the future.

“I needed my kitchen and bathroom modernised to sell. So I went through Abell Building Services to design, project manage and fit. They offer competitive rates and great quality services. Very impressed with the overall service and would definitely recommend them.”

Contact our Loughborough renovation contractors

Call our team of local Loughborough renovation contractors today with any enquiries about our renovation design services, to get a quote for a home refurbishment, or to find out more about the past projects we have carried out.