What is the difference between renovating and remodelling?

Renovating a property can include anything from adding a new kitchen to sanding down and painting woodwork.  Remodelling however, involves structural changes to homes.

When would a house need remodelling?

Homes are usually remodelled when people first move into them, particularly as reconfiguring a floor plan is often easiest to do when the house is empty.  Other changes can take place after living in the property for some time – like knocking down a wall to make a kitchen and living area open-plan, or converting a cupboard to a toilet.  Anything that involves structural changes that alter the look and feel of a home would involve remodelling.

Types of remodelling building alterations

  • Removing an interior wall
  • Adding an interior wall
  • Kitchen layout remodelling
  • Bathroom layout remodelling
  • Creating a loft bedroom
  • Upgrading ceilings
  • Picture rails
  • Closets
  • Rebuilding or blocking up a fireplace
  • Alterations to stairs

Advantages of custom built homes

By remodelling your home, you can make it custom built to be exactly how you want it.  Functionality of rooms like kitchens, bathrooms and any storage facilities can work exactly as you want them to.  For example, adding an en-suite bathroom can mean that you’re not waiting for the bathroom behind a queue of other people in your home.

Personalisation is an obvious benefit.  A kitchen is the heart of the home for many people, but if yours is full of storage with few surfaces or nowhere to sit, it can be hard to spend any meaningful time in there.

There’s also a benefit to having a home that is unique.  When it comes to selling in the future, a quirky or different feature that you love may be just as likely to be loved by a prospective buyer and could make the difference between agreeing an asking price or not.

Local custom home builders

For advice about custom built homes, home extensions and home remodelling, contact Abell Building Services.  Our local home builders will work with you to achieve exactly what you’re looking for, whilst keeping the cost of remodelling low enough to suit your budget.


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