Timber framed home

Timber frames for the home are becoming more popular and for good reason. The frames that are perhaps traditionally associated with the likes of North America and Scandinavia has many benefits that are surprising to the average individual. These benefits include durability, insulation, energy efficiency, quick to build and endless design possibilities.

At Abell Building Services, we are currently in the process of building a new timber framed home in a rural area. This project follows the trend in rural areas of using a timber framed home when the landowner only has temporary planning permission.

This particular project was a large scale build, but because of timber’s flexibility, timber frames are possible in all sizes right down to a bespoke garden offices or studios.

Timber certainly isn’t a new discovery and its natural beauty is one of the main reasons it has endured as a popular building material in the UK. Fortunately, the energy efficiency of the home has improved since the medieval timbered homes so there’s even more reason to use these beautiful frames.

Building a timber framed home is all about finding the right piece of land, creating the blueprints for the design, laying the foundations and choosing the type of frame (hidden or on-display frame). If the construction is performed by a team of experts, the construction frame can be erected within a matter of weeks.