The Loughborough Echo reports on ‘Who is building what near you’ online, several times a month.

Taking the latest report from April, it’s evident that the Borough of Charnwood is extremely active in terms of home extensions.

What types of home extensions are taking place in the Loughborough area?

The following types of applications were received by Charnwood Borough Council this month:

  • First floor home extensions
  • 2 storey home extensions
  • Single storey home extensions
  • Addition of orangeries
  • Addition of garden rooms
  • Part single and part 2 storey home extensions
  • Alterations to the roof to create loft conversions/additional bedrooms

Areas of Charnwood where home extensions are taking place

These extensions are planned to take place across the following areas in Charnwood:

  • Loughborough
  • Birstall
  • Burton on the Wolds
  • Hathern
  • Hoton
  • Mountsorrel
  • Newtown Linford
  • Quorn
  • Rothley
  • Shepshed
  • Swithland
  • Syston
  • Thurmaston
  • Woodhouse Eaves

For more information, see The Loughborough Echo online.

Benefits of extending a home in Loughborough

Carillon Tower in Loughborough The most tangible way of measuring whether a home extension adds real value to homes in Loughborough is by determining the difference in price between 1 and 5 bedroomed houses.

Data from shows that on average, based on homes listed for sale in Loughborough over a two-week period in April 2017, the average prices are as follows:

  • 1 bedroomed house in Loughborough: £85,917
  • 2 bedroomed house in Loughborough: £126,988
  • 3 bedroomed house in Loughborough: £194,142
  • 4 bedroomed house in Loughborough: £338,678
  • 5 bedroomed house in Loughborough: £462,067

This data indicates that the most beneficial type of additional bedroom home extension would be to a 4 bedroomed house, where the difference in average house price from a 3 bedroomed house is 74%.  In comparison, the seemingly least worthwhile extension would be to a 5 bedroomed house, where the difference in average house price from a 4 bedroomed house is just 36%.

Advice about a home extension in Loughborough

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