Having specialised in home extensions and renovations for many years, we’ve been called to ‘come to the rescue’ after previous projects have either had to be put on hold or completely reassessed, due to a lack of careful planning, especially where budgeting is involved.

Our helpful guide will take you through some of the common areas where under budgeting can occur and will give you practical tips on how to get the best home extension for the most reasonable and realistic budget.

Consider how complex the extension is


Decide whether you are going to keep your extension simple, or whether there are going to be lots of elements such as multi-level ceilings and windows or other complicated construction features involved.  Make sure that you take these elements into account when planning time for how long it will take to achieve them, as well as any extra materials or labour required to make them happen.

Is there anything that you can capably do yourself?


If you want to have a go at fitting a kitchen because you think it’s something that you should be able to do yourself, consider how long it’s going to take you in terms of time.  It’s all very well ordering takeaway for a week whilst you’re getting things sorted, but if you get stuck, or something goes wrong, it could take a while for a kitchen fitter to come and fix things – and that means a lot more takeaways than you’ll have budgeted for!

To be on the safe side, have a budget available for a fitter or builder to help if needs be (and for extra takeaways and meals out if the kitchen is the area you’re working on!).

Do you have time to project manage it yourself?


If you can take time off work, or be available over the phone for when questions arise or if people or materials don’t arrive when they should have done, it can save money by doing this.  However, if you end up chasing your own tail whilst you’re at work, or if you can find a building services company that is experienced in project management, it might be more cost and time efficient to hand the project over to them to manage.

Shop around for materials


home extension in progressRecycling or re-using materials will usually save a lot of money.  If part of your project involves knocking down a wall, it may be worth taking the time to be careful, so that you can re-use the materials instead of paying for (and waiting for) new ones to be delivered.

Again, if you have the time to shop around for materials yourself, then this will save time and money, but if you have a company that regularly project manages all aspects of home extensions, they should know the best places to acquire materials from.

Fixtures and fittings


More often than not, people prefer fresh fixtures and fittings when having a brand-new part of their house created, but won’t always budget for this.  Deciding half way through the project that you would like new light fittings and fresh furniture will always add extra onto your budget.

How long do you have?


Time is money for many people and so the longer it takes to get your home extension done, the more it’s likely to cost.  Whether it’s the time for builders or fitters, or the time it takes you away from work or other responsibilities, always have a little bit of budget saved for in case anything takes longer than expected – for example, if it rains and the area where building is being undertaken isn’t undercover.

Builders that solve problems


Finally, work with a home extensions builder or project manager that is proactive.  It’s no good if a builder calls you every ten minutes with a problem and asks you how to solve it; they need to be experienced enough to know what they need to do if the plasterer doesn’t arrive, or if the wrong coloured bricks have been ordered.

Builders that work with other approved professionals


Working with home extensions builders who have a network of their own approved building inspectors, architects and structural engineers will give you a reliable team of building professionals, who have a track record of working really well alongside each other.  This makes life a lot easier for your builder, but also often helps to speed up the entire home extension building process.

Advice about home extensions from experienced builders


Abell Building Services specialise in home extensions. Whether it’s a garage extension, loft extension, conservatory or whole single or double storey extension, we have a great deal of experience in building them all.  What’s more, when it comes to project management, we have our own team of building specialists so that you’re never let down by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing and when, or who messes up half the job and leaves it for someone else to fix at a bigger cost than you had budgeted for.


For advice about building your home extension or project management of a home extension, call us on 01509 734550, or email us using our contact form.