We’ve all heard horror stories from family members and friends of ‘cowboy’ builders leaving building projects incomplete and charging a significant amount more than they should. In truth, the majority of builders, including Abell Building Services, are reliable, professional and capable of fulfilling your building needs.

To minimise the likelihood of any hiccups along the way, though, you should take time to select a builder who is best for your project. In Loughborough and surrounding villages, you needn’t look further than ourselves. But for those outside of Leicestershire, here is a checklist to follow for choosing the right builder for your custom house:

Approach builders once you know what you want

A vague idea of what you want will only lead to obscure quotes which might not necessarily match with your vision. By having a set-in-stone idea of what you want, you are able to accurately relay this to builders and receive a quote that will be exact to your project.

Unless all such things are clear, there’s potential for misunderstandings and arguments over money once the work has already started.

Do your research

There are often dozens of builders to work through when you come to look for a builder. Narrowing the list is slightly daunting but is a task which needs to be done. Start by looking at local builders in the area where the house is going to be built.

You can then work through their respective website portfolios, reviews from previous customers and social accounts. Have a final list of three or so builders and conduct interviews with each of them.

Ask builder candidates what materials they use, so you can be sure that you are getting a quality-built home from the ground up.

Quality should be a priority

A custom built house is a once in a lifetime project and, as such, quality should be your focus. This is likely to be a permanent residence out of your dreams so you shouldn’t be looking for ways to sacrifice quality for a quick saving, especially when it could impact the structural integrity of the house.

You can rework the finishes and design of the property later on but the last thing you want is repairs needed to critical structural areas further down the line that could be difficult and costly to fix.

Finding a high-quality builder should be your priority. This can be ascertained by checking references, looking into previous custom house building projects and asking questions about how they offer a high-quality build.


The building team that you decide to choose should be one who ask questions and understand your vision. They’ll make recommendations on design and the materials and products which will fit into the concept best.

If you are experiencing problems in hearing back from a builder, it’s a sign of things to come and a warning of possible delays through the building process.

On a project such as building a custom house, there is always expected to be a few setbacks along the way, but by choosing the right builder you’ll be able to make the process as smooth as possible.

Custom house builders in Loughborough

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