Even when a builder has been recommended to you, it sometimes pays to do your research to make sure that they’re the right person or company for your specific job.

As a professional building company, we believe that our accreditations and qualifications are important as a way of backing up our knowledge and expertise – in the same way that any other professional’s qualifications do.  For this reason, we’re extremely open and honest about our building services staff and their specialisms.  However, it’s unusual for builders to be this straightforward.

Checking that home building companies are credible


Inviting anyone you don’t know into your home can feel risky, but inviting someone in to make physical changes to your home is definitely a consideration you need to take seriously.

If you’re happy with the way that your recommended builder has said they are able to carry out the work that you want doing at the right price, don’t forget to ask about their certifications.  If they’re a reputable business, they’ll be happy to be chosen on this basis, so should be forthcoming with any information you would like.

Builders’ certifications


The types of building qualification certificates builders may have include:

  • Health and safety certificates (these should be from approved certifiers such as CHAS and Constructionline)
  • Joinery certificates
  • Wood occupations certificates
  • Electrotechnical technology installation certificates
  • Site carpentry certificates

Check that a builder is registered


Perhaps most important is checking that a builder is registered for the work that they are going to be carrying out.  Most builders will be registered with NHBC, which is the UK’s leading independent standard setting body for the building of new homes.  To check their register, visit: http://www.nhbc.co.uk/Homeowners/ChecktheNHBCRegister/

Builders’ references


Abell Building Services ExtensionsIf you haven’t come across a builder because of a personal recommendation, then ask them for examples of similar work that they have carried out recently.  They should be able to provide photos of the finished result and the contact details of the property owner, so that you can call them to ask how happy they were with the builder’s services.