As home extension specialists, we’re always interested in finding out what people want to use their new extensions for.  When you have a driveway or a garden shed, many people find that their garage becomes a wasted space, or at best a dumping ground for boxes and items that you don’t want, but haven’t got rid of yet.

Best uses for garage conversions


outside of garageWe’ve had the good fortune of working on some excellent garage conversions, so when there’s a good idea for what to do with one, it’s always interesting to us!  Here are some of our favourite ideas, tried and tested by other people, when converting their garages:



Turning your garage into a bedroom


This one is popular if you have a growing family but like the house you’re living in and don’t want to move.  Converting a garage can be a cheaper option than converting a loft into a bedroom, as it doesn’t involve aspects such as adding in stairs or changing the structure of the roof.

Turning your garage into a man cave


The great thing about a man cave is that it can include anything from a games console or pool table to gym equipment.  It’s a great place to have if you have teenage sons and want them to spend more time at home, but without having their friends keeping you awake through the night by playing games in the bedroom next to yours!

Turning your garage into a dining area


Many modern houses, especially starter homes, will be ‘two up two down’ and so there’s often not room for a dining area.  This may be okay for a couple, but when you start growing your family, having somewhere to sit and eat together becomes more important.

Turning your garage into a play room


Similarly, when there are children around, it can feel as though the whole downstairs of a house can be turned into a playground.  By having a specific room to keep toys and activity equipment in, it suddenly becomes much easier to keep the rest of the house clean and tidy.

Turning your garage into a downstairs bathroom


The benefits of this one speak for themselves!  Never have to ask if anyone needs the toilet before taking a soak again – or worse still, having someone interrupt your ‘me time’ by needing to use the toilet.

Turning your garage into an office


Anyone who works from home, or even just likes some space to concentrate without distractions or interruptions will know that a separate room can be the only answer.  Answer work calls without the sounds of the television on in the background, or getting distracted by the sounds and smells coming from the kitchen. A dedicated office space can make you far more relaxed, motivated and productive than if you’re working in the midst of everyone else.

Advice about home extensions and garage conversions


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