Small bathroom with storageThe combination of a typically small space and need for plenty of storage means that the bathroom is often an untidy room overrun with clutter.

All members of the household have their own beauty products to add to the mix and before you know it, you’ve got creams, toothbrushes, towels and shower gels everywhere you turn – not ideal when you’re trying to have a peaceful relaxing soak in the bath.

Dealing with a small bathroom is no doubt a difficult task but there are plenty of easy fix remedies to create extra space (or appearance of space) in the bathroom:

Shelf under the bathroom sink

Much of the storage ideas for the bathroom come down to thinking outside the box. One particular space often left unutilised is below the sink. There are many cupboards which are made to fit around the sink’s stand or you can easily add in a shelf or two for soaps, toilet roll and hand towels. Opt for clear glass shelving to make the room appear less busy.

Have a large mirror

When talking about creating space, it seems counter-intuitive to add something overly large, but a mirror is the only exception. Having a larger mirror creates an illusion of depth that makes your bathroom appear bigger than it actually is.

For extra points, use a dual purpose mirror which when opened has shelving which can hide away all of your beauty products.

Magnetic strip

Those little items like hairpins, tweezer and clippers always seem to manage to appear in the bizarrest of locations after hours of searching. A magnetic strip, which can stick on the inside of a cabinet or wall, can hold all your metal goods, decluttering all the small items from your bathroom.

Boxes and baskets

Boxes and baskets keep products organised and maximises storage space. The natural textures of the basket add calming tones to the space and are great for storing larger items. This includes not so beautiful items such as toilet roll, reserve shampoos and cleaners.

Space above the door

If you’re running out of storage space, get creative. A shelf added above the bathroom door is useful for the items you don’t need on a daily basis and is out of eye-line, thus not impacting the apparent space in the bathroom.

A shelf out of reach can hold items such as towels, stocked-up toiletries and air fresheners.

Bathroom renovation specialists in Loughborough

If you’re still struggling for space in your bathroom or have simply grown tired of its design, it’s time for a bathroom renovation.

From repairs, renovations, new bathroom fitting or a building extension to include a new bathroom, Abell Building Services are able to help every step of the way.  For more information about our bathroom renovation expertise, or for advice on how to improve your bathroom, contact us today.