As builders we work on a variety of projects throughout the year.  Many of these involve home renovations that improve, upsize or increase the value of a home and over the years we’ve seen a vast array of techniques work to completely transform a property.

What we enjoy the most about modern home renovations is transforming a home to help make the people living there make it their ideal place to live.  Second to that, with a job well done your house doesn’t need to be particularly new to look like a show home – or exactly how you would like it to look.

Here, we’ve chosen a couple of home renovation techniques that represent some of the options that modern home building can include.  From space saving to the latest best uses for modern living, here are 7 features of modern home renovations in 2018:

1. Built in walk in wardrobes and closets

A 2017 poll by fashion e-tailer Spartoo found that men now own an average of 19 pairs of shoes each, which is around the same as women.  With people owning and keeping hold of more possessions, it’s little wonder that storage space is so valuable.

One way of increasing storage space in a way that doesn’t actually take up lots of room is by building in-built wardrobes and cupboards into rooms.  From splitting a lounge into two by adding an entry hall with built-in closets, to converting an entire wall into built-in wardrobes, neat and tidy extra storage is but a small renovation away.

2. Built-in bathroom wall nooks

Who has their shampoo and shower gel at the end of the bath, or on the windowsill?  Displaying your toiletries can be fine, but if they start to build up it can look messy and also be a nightmare to clean around.  A bathroom nook is a built-in wall space which can be concealed from view, allowing you to reach for your shampoo and then put it away, without taking up any extra space or so much as opening cupboard door.  Take a look at this example from Architectural Digest to see what we mean.

3. White kitchens

There’s probably not a month that goes by where we don’t install a white kitchen as part of a kitchen renovation or extension.  White cabinets and furniture are modern yet timeless and our clients always love how spacious, clean and contemporary they make any kitchen look.

With white kitchens available in any type of kitchen style, they are usually a quick, easy and effective way to modernise a home as part of a standalone or wider home renovation, either to live in and enjoy, or to add value to a house before selling.

4. Kitchen islandsdining room extension

Keeping on the kitchen theme, for medium and large kitchens alike, adding an island can create more valuable storage as well as creating seating space in the heart of the home.  Modern kitchen islands can take the form of a breakfast bar or be large enough to house kitchen essentials from drawers and cupboards to in-built microwaves and dishwashers.

5. Concealed lighting

There are lots of ways to conceal lighting to create a modern look in any room.  From rooms with beams using cut out spaces for strips of lighting to kitchens that use LED strips beneath cupboards, concealed lighting still has a very modern feel to it.  Plus, from a functional point of view, who wouldn’t want their worksurface illuminated when they’re chopping up food, or just sections of rooms highlighted to provide a modern ambience?

Modern home renovations

These are just some of the great features we have helped to plan and install for home renovations during 2018.  For ideas and advice about how to modernise your home with small or large renovations, contact our team of specialist builders today.  You can call us on 01509 734550 or email us using our contact form.