With more and more people choosing to improve their homes rather than move house, we are coming across a great range of ways to create the space that would otherwise be afforded by moving to a larger property.

Below are some of the clever solutions available, which could help you to save space and money, whilst turning your house into a home that works best for you.

Fit a bathroom under the stairs

This isn’t one for everyone, but if there is space then a second bathroom can be a lifesaver for growing families and the best (if not only) way to prevent morning arguments over who gets to use the bathroom first and for how long.

What’s more, adding a second bathroom can be as desirable to people looking to buy a house as an additional bedroom, and so can add a great deal of value to your property if you do later decide it’s the right time to move.

Make your kitchen longer

Often people will add a conservatory onto a kitchen to create a dining space or similar and whilst this is an excellent way to extend a property, if you’ve only got a small budget, adding an extra room that can be closed off will only be of benefit when you’re actually using the extra room.

By extending to make your kitchen longer or larger, instead of adding an extra room, you can still create a dining area whilst also creating a fantastic sense of space with a long view of the downstairs of your property.

Extend using woodTimber home frame

Wood is becoming an extremely popular material for building houses with and is yet to be fully recognised as a great way to extend, too.  Not only will a wooden extension add further character to your home, it’s also really cost effective.

Another great selling point for wooden extensions is that wherever you choose to extend can be personalised and updated whenever you like, just by using different coloured paints.  Or for a more traditional and countryside feel, there are lots of different types of wood and varnish available, too.

Add a porch

There’s the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ for a reason and sometimes all you need is a bit of extra storage to make your house feel more organised.  If you have a low budget or not a lot of room to expand out into, adding a porch to the front or rear of your property can afford you the extra cupboard space, or just somewhere to hang your wet coats and store your muddy boots without them constantly getting in the way.

A full width extension

Full width extensions can appear more expensive than they are.  However, an extension without complicated structures, where all that is needed are three new walls and a roof adding to the full width of a property, can be extremely simple.  Of course, this adds a whole new room to a property and can be as large or small as you like (in line with planning permissions) in terms of how far it protrudes from an existing wall.

Ask a specialist extensions builder about space saving

If you have a space saving idea for your house and want to see whether it would work in practice and to obtain an estimate of how much it would cost to implement, please get in touch.

At Abell, we don’t just expect you to give us orders and leave us to it.  We are skilled builders who project manage extension and renovation projects from start to finish. So, whether it’s an architect’s drawing that you need, or to confirm what will need re-wiring, you can leave this to us to manage alongside the build of your extension.

For more information, call us on 01509 734550 or send us a message using our contact form so that we can get back to you.